Lone Tree, Nichols, and Hills,  Iowa

Sts. Mary and Joseph

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CRS Rice Bowl 2015:

What you give up for

Lent changes lives...

If you have a desire to continue to be involved in our Christ-given mission to care for 'the least' of our brothers and sisters in our world, here are some resources you can call on:

*  Contact Father Mike Spiekermeier or Carol Kaalberg to ask about opportunities to be part of your parish's Peace and Social Justice work.  Find their contact information on our website here.

*  The Diocese of Davenport has an Office of Social Justice -- visit their site @ http://www.davenportdiocese.org/socialaction

*  Continue to visit www.CRS.org to find out what how you can help on a national and global level.

How will you continue to 
change lives after Lent?