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Monday, May 30, Memorial Day Mass Fr. Lou will be celebrating the

Memorial Day Masses for our cluster. Mass will be at the Nichols/

Lone Tree Catholic Cemetery at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 30.

Mass will be at the St. Stanislaus Cemetery at 11:00 a.m. on Monday

May 30. Note the time change from previous years to enable Fr. Lou

adequate time to travel between both cemetery locations. Please tell

others you know who might want to join us for Mass that day at the

new time of 11:00 a.m. Please use the envelope in your church box to

support the yearly cemetery maintenance. Lone Tree and Nichols,

please make checks to the church. Hills parishioners make checks to

St. Stanislaus Cemetery.

Weekly Bulletins...Bulletin deadline Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Contact Judy Stebral at 319-331-8727, [email protected] or Carol Kaalberg at 319-330-5324, [email protected] if you wish to have something added to the bulletin. Thanks!

Bulletin, May 29, 2022, P 1,2  Ascension Sunday                                                        

Bulletin, May 29, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Ascension Sunday                                                   

Bulletin, May 22, 2022, P 1,2  Sixth Sunday of Easter                                                         

Bulletin, May 22, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Sixth Sunday of Easter                                                    

Bulletin, May 15, 2022, P 1,2  Fifth Sunday of Easter                                                         

Bulletin, May 15, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Fifth Sunday of Easter                                                    

Bulletin, May 8, 2022, P 1,2  Fourth Sunday of Easter                                                         

Bulletin, May 8, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Fourth Sunday of Easter                                                    

Bulletin, May 1, 2022, P 1,2  Third Sunday of Easter                                                         

Bulletin, May 1, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Third Sunday of Easter                                                    

Bulletin, April 24, 2022, P 1,2  Divine Mercy Sunday                                                         

Bulletin, April 24, 2022,  P 3,4,5  Divine Mercy Sunday                                                          

Meetings: (please contact Father Hai or Carol Kaalberg if you need minutes from dates other than those below...visit our Contact Us page here.)

St. Mary Lone Tree Parish Council Minutes 2-5-2022

Lone Tree & Nichols Cemetery Board Minutes

St. Mary Nichols Parish Council/Fin Council Meeting Minutes 4-24-2022

St Joseph Parish Council Minutes


St. Joseph Finance Council Minutes 10-24-2021

St. Joseph Parish/Finance Council Minutes 3-21-2022

St. Joseph Altar & Rosary Meeting Minutes 7-14-2021

St. Joseph Liturgy Committee


Schedule for the 33-Day Consecration to St. Joseph

St. Joseph Scholarship Application

Electronic Transfer Contribution Form

St. Joseph's Hall Rental Policy

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